Classes & Workshops

While mosaics were used in architecture and interior decoration centuries ago, they have evolved into a popular craft, contemporary modern art and hobby for thousands of people all over the world. Today, mosaic lovers are using mosaics to decorate items as small as earrings and bracelets to things as big as lamps and coffee tables.

Think of yourself as the creator of an awesome jigsaw puzzle, except that, you create it with some of the most beautiful "treasures" available – tiles, coloured glass, shaped stones, buttons and marbles. They come in a wide selection of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Choose from reflective, matte or iridescent surfaces. You can create frames for photos and mirrors, personalized gifts, jewellery boxes, notebooks, glass lamps, magnets, pots, coaster sets, furniture pieces …the possibilities are endless. Learn to make yours now!

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Children Classes
Children love mosaic art – they get to stretch their imagination, play, learn and have fun! We teach children simple principles and techniques as well as take them through a hands-on practical experience. Children’s classes are designed to be educational, inspiring and easy-to-follow. Just watch as your child graduates from simply decorating picture frames to making their own pieces of art!


Adult Classes
You’ll enjoy our Adult Classes because they’re packed with tons of information, techniques, principles, understanding of materials and hands-on sessions that take you from a basic level to glamorous pieces of art. Some of the topics include fundamentals of mosaic art, selecting tiles and colours, cutting, layering and many more exclusive insights.

Learn all about techniques and materials with a practical hands-on experience. You’ll get to create a photo frame as well as a picture with your own design.

When you have achieved the basic foundation, it’s time to explore! You may choose from our available items. Alternatively, if you wish to bring your own items, do let us know in advance


Family bonding Sessions
Mosaic art is also a great time to develop closer relationships with your loved ones. We cater for special family classes that combine different levels of skills, yet provide an atmosphere that lets everyone appreciate each other.

Birthday Parties
Birthday parties take on a whole new meaning of FUN as your child’s friends try their hands at making simple items that can be used as gifts or mementoes. It’s the perfect way to help your child develop positive relationships, social skills and teamwork with friends.


Events, Team-building & Group Workshops
Mosaic art has become a big hit at team-building events. Introduce this at any corporate event, and see how team spirit is healed and barriers melt away as participants create, discuss, share, decide, delegate, appreciate, communicate and … simply let their hair down! We also provide workshops to schools that can integrate with their educational syllabus.